Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Building Maddie's wheels

If you've been following the Maddie Xmass Bike Saga, then you know we've been stalled by not having the wheels. Getting good clearance with the right cranks is essential -- and Glen wants the rear wheel for that. So, we've had the hubs. The rims and tires came yesterday, and the spokes arrived today.

Arg. Of course I had  plans with Liza tonight so I couldn't jump right on the wheels when I got home. We went out and got home earlier than expected. Maddie was still up, so we set up the assembly line and knocked those suckers out. They're laced.

Now I can go and true, tension, and dish them up so Glen can have them tomorrow.

It was great having Maddie's help. I always want another hand or two when lacing up wheels, so having her there handing me stuff was so great. The next step will be to teach her the basic 3x lacing. Then in a year or so, she can learn truing/finishing. By the time she's 10, I should never have to deal with wheels again! Yes!

In winter there's a lot of bike stuff going on in the living room and on the dining room table. I'm too much of a wimp to spend a bunch of time out in the garage when it's not warm. So, Maddie is used to seeing wheels and such being fussed with. She has no idea that she is helping to build her own wheelset.

She really enjoyed helping, so I hope she gets a kick out of the fact that she helped build her own wheels when she recognizes them on xmass morning.


RJ said...

I have to say-- Maddie is one cool, cool kid!

Jason Gilman said...

So awesome! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished bike and Maddie's reaction.

Michael said...

Can't wait to see the bike when it's done!

Pondero said...

What an excellent project, and perfect execution!

Andre said...

ha, tricked into helping make her own present, i love it!

What are you inserting the nipples with? Why does this look like a specialized tool I do not have but now need?

John Speare said...

RJ: too true. When I watch Maddie fuss and line up and re-line up her little tools there, I feel lucky to be able to hang with her. She's rad.

Andre: I can't believe I've not posted about the "Alex Nipple Poker" before. The best I have is this lame post.

Pat S said...

If you ever decide to do a 'best of' sidebar gadget, this post belongs. So does rude cyclist.