Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As Seen From A Bike

Ready to fly down the Post Street hill.


Drew said...

That's a fun hill to ride, but careful at those intersections down the road. Not everybody looks both ways before crossing...

Rachel said...

Not the first bike accident at that intersection either. There was a hit-and-run in 2009:

Of course, if a bike is going over 10 mph, "speed was a factor" apparently tells all of the motorists in the world that the bike was "speeding" and its all their fault.
Hitting a car at 30 mph would certainly be enough to cause one to fly up in the air, and that's definitely not speeding. I see cars fly down there at 40 all the time ... 'course, they're a lot more solid.

It's so fun to go fast (and by fast I mean 25-30) ... unfortunately it's not very safe on roads you have to share with cars. :-(
Maybe we should have the next Summer Parkways on that stretch.

Bryan B said...

Yeah, love that hill. Like Drew says, I watch the intersection 3/4 of the way down like a hawk. There is also a nice huge ridge directly after the intersection that (if you're going fast enough) can make your front wheel lift off for a second. A little jarring if you're not looking out for it.

Hank Greer said...

And the cold, morning air makes your eyes water like crazy.

I stay in the middle of the lane and watch the intersections closely. No close calls there for the past 11 years but I have had a couple further on down the road closer to Buckeye.