Monday, June 20, 2011

Spokane Summer Parkways

IF you are a cyclist
AND you live in Spokane
AND you happen to live under a rock
THEN prepare to be shocked and surprised with this news:

This week is the first installment of the 3-part event, Summer Parkways. This Wednesday the first installment will be in our neighborhood. The course will go around Comstock and Manito neighborhoods. (Map here.)

My people are going to be on Post Street. Somewhere between 23rd and 27th. I'm guessing 26th Ave. My people, of course, are the Pedals2People folk.

Liza went and bought a jump rope and chalk. The plan is to do some jump roping, clearly. It's a long rope, so doubles and maybe triples will work.

The chalk is to write essays on the street. The theme: "Why I like to ride my bike." Liza is, by training, a junior high English teacher. So that's the back story there.

I would love a wheelie lesson. God, I'd love it if some super wheelie-popping expert showed up at our P2P area on Weds night and gave wheelie-popping lessons.

Also, if you've been to our house before, then you are invited to come again. At 5pm this Wednesday for pre-ride beers and burgers.

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Anonymous said...

I've always had this dream of chugging a PBR while weelieing a fixed gear. Talk about hipster cred. One million views on youtube.