Tuesday, June 7, 2011

River bike

I want a basic bike to keep at the river place.

The Shogun saves the day once again.

Once winter comes, it will come back to Spokane and go back to ice bike mode (fixed + studs).

I swapped out the drops for Origin8 Space Bars, which are getting a lot of play these days. I have them on the cycle truck and the MB2. They're a great no fuss, do-all, short-haul bar. I need a shorter stem for the this implementation though.
This is the "before" picture.

I put v-brakes on it. Super easy those vbrakes. They're hard not to love. Simple, cheap, effective. Pick 3.

I took the fenders off and swapped out the Pasalas with the WTB semi knob fatties. They're like 35mm and good at 60 psi for just about any dirt I'll be encountering.

I found this tube in the front wheel. Patch on a patch. I swore that chicanery off exactly one year ago today (weird).  But, since they've held for a year, clearly the patch job is working, so I stuffed the tube back in thte tire.

I put a 18 tooth freewheel on the "free" side of the Surly hub. I'm rolling 42x18 which is ok for tooling around the river neighborhood. I swapped out SPDs for platforms.

Finally, I put the Tubus Fly rack on there for the buckets. Or maybe I'll strap a milk crate on there, Ferry County style. We'll see how that evolves.

Hmm. Note the similarity to the MB-2.

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