Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hare-brained is off the table. Nothing to see here

All the logicians came out in force on my last great idea. (Thanks for backing my plan though, Cave and Christopher).

All that crazy rational thought did sway me. To wit: for the big ride, I'm going to take the Rawland with the Quasi's.

The two main bits of logic that turned me this way:

-- To paraphrase Alex, "you'll be climbing 3000 feet of pavement; do you really think those tires are going to slow you down much?" (or for that matter the bike -- which is really the turd in the equation compared to the whippy little RB-T).

--To paraphrase a discussion with Pat last night: "that ride is all about the descent: optimize for that."

So that means wearing Quasi's-- I love the cush and I need the knobbies to really jam through the turns. And if I'm wearing Quasi's and looking to run it hot the whole way down, I want to be on the Rawland -- so I don't have to worry about being as "light" in my riding as I would with the Elephant on such a descent.

Also, with the Rawland I can bunnyhop and miss my line with confidence. And if I really miss my line and blow up, the Rawland will smash happily into trees, rocks, logs with nary a worry in it's giant oversized and thick-ass tubing.
Elephant will be perfect for the dirt road river explorations. Like this.

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Christopher Grande said...

Probably a good idea, though I think there would be fun to had either way. I usually ride around on 32mm clinchers on my beater and have a pretty 'whatever' attitude about the equipment I use despite knowing better... So I'm probably not the best source of professional advice. Plus you'll be saving money too--those Challenge tubulars cost an arm and a leg. Hope it's fun! I'm jealous.