Monday, June 6, 2011

More pictures

From the weekend at the river.

Blocked road.
Impassable by car or ATV: Nat'l Forest road gold.
Unfortunately, the road ended about a mile later.

Road find.

Our attempt at a photo-by-timer.

She has a nearly endless supply of energy.


I'm still getting used to these brifters. They're so honkin'.
I love the dorky thumb shift button though.
All the same: I see SRAM brifters in my future.

Megan: rocking the Intense BMX bike.
I rode behind her on a tricky little muddy/rutted descent.
Kid braking: don't anticipate and feather it, just wait until you must slow down and slam on the brake.
Sort of terrifying to watch. But she pulled it off.

Maddie and Megan: breaking a trail on the river.
That's actually a deprecated chunk of Highway 395.

Christmas in June.

I was really hoping to find some morels. We've had some fires up there and there's always lots of logging going on.
With the recent rain and the right moderate temps, I was hopeful.
I'm not sure what this fungus is, but it's not morel.
There were lots of brain mushrooms, which I think, means it's a morel-friendly neighborhood.

Evening entertainment.

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stef de fla said...

It's funny that I end up on your blog when looking for morel information.