Saturday, October 29, 2011

Riverside Park o'er nighter

Pat, Eric, Jon and I took a quick ride out to Bowl and Pitcher last night. It rained, but it was fun.

This spot is the bike-in site and it rules. It's the best area in the entire campground -- mostly because it's not a proper campground. Just a big shelter with tables and fire pits around it. And it overlooks the river.

Dig this: the shelter has electricity! And (in warm months) running water!! And it's like 5 miles from downtown. Silly silly shit.

What the hey? If you have a pulse and you ride a bike, this has got to be a future super hang overnighter destination.
Pat is rad. He stashed a bit of wood at the site earlier in the week.
Is that cheating?
Is pouring white gas on the needles cheating?

This picture is for Pat Rick. We missed you!

And a little more gas. Just to make sure it starts.

And the match.

Now that's a fire!
My eye brows were stupid looking anyway.

The subtle, "oh look, I'm awesome. I'm on a single speed!" pic.

Behind the back shot.

Fancy early-morning mist shot.

Jon. Top-o-Doomsday.


Klay said...

great pictures!

Rachel said...

Awesome fire. Did you all stay warm and dry enough then?

We definitely need a super hang overnighter there. Rad indeed.

John Speare said...

Klay - thanks.

Rachel -- yeah, we were warm for sure. The rain was sort of annoyingly persistent so we did get a bit wet. But most of us came prepared for rain. Sort of. I, for one, slept great.

Jonathan Eberly said...

Rachel - Totally stayed warm. Woke up a bit wet but I was dressed perfectly for the conditions. It was a great close to town overnight spot.

Pat S said...

Let me nip one thing in the bud: There was no cheating involved in this overnighter. Or lying or stealing. (Despite what the ranger thought.)

As far as the future of this destination, all I can say is, "OCCUPY RIVERSIDE!"

Dan O said...

Wow - what a cool set up for quick trip. Fun post...

Patrick Sullivan said...

Nice pics. I can feel the air you guys breathe.