Friday, January 13, 2012


Bill, Tony, and I took a hearty cold ride today.

I think the high was about 28F. Bill's beard was nice and frozen.

Reason enough, right there, for a beard.


Jonathan Eberly said...

The only reason needed to grow a beard is because you can.

John Speare said...

Show off.

bihlbee said...

If those who can do and those who can't teach, then maybe John should teach beard growing.
It is truly a pity that Mr Eberly's epic frosted beard from the pre-Christmas ride was not documented.

Tyler said...

I went for a ride on Friday morning at about 830 AM when it was 18 out. It was cold and awesome! Nothing like having a frozen beard when you are done! But when you buy a new bike you just have to ride it no matter the weather condition! At least, that is how I justified when I was finally warm inside.