Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's easier to ride this than walk it. Assuming studded tires of course.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother!
This photo shows the logic behind getting the highest stud count tire available.

This morning's commute was beautiful. Even with the slush water streams in the bikeway. (Spokane.Vly)

Erik M.

John Speare said...

Erik: not to be contrary -- but I'm not sure that the extra studs in a tire like the Extreme would help you much on this sheet. Don't most of the extra studs (compared, say, to the hakkapallita) stick out the sides of the knobbies?

I took this pic and made my "easier to ride" statement before the ice flow that was on the next section of trail (shown here with snow a few years ago).

For the first section, I just sat down, held onto my bike and slid on my bum down to the flat. For the second section, I walked through the deep snow. Then rode, just barely, the final section.

Fun stuff. Imagine how terrifying it would be to drive in this stuff? Those drivers are nuts! No fewer than two strangers told me to "be careful" this morning as I rode by them. I know that comes from a place of good intention, but it annoys me nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

My nokian extremes have a very flat profile. For that reason they are not so useful in climbing out of ice ruts. But, they are fantastic on sheet ice.

Any studs are better than none, skilled riders probably need fewer.

Jonathan Eberly said...

I also had drivers telling me to be careful out there. Should have headed there warnings.

Owner 2 said...

My close calls to falling have all come at intersections where I had to put a foot down and had a hard time standing. The Winter Marathons have been pretty impressive this year.