Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moose da (麋鹿)

I've been quietly grumbling about all the increased traffic on the HD trails for a while. It's inevitable. Most runner/walkers get it -- they appreciate the efficiency of stepping off the trail to let bikes pass. When it makes sense, I'll roll up the side of a trail to let a group pass. It's all about efficiency.

Whatever. I try to avoid the trail on weekend mornings and the top trail on weeknight afternoons, but sometimes you only get a small window to ride, so you gotta take what you can get.
See the moose up there?
Right on the stinkin' trail.
No getting around that dude.
Today, the trail hog was a moose. I'd put moose in the camp that doesn't "get it." But like big red-neck trucks on a rural road, moose get the "I'm bigger" pass for not getting it. So I work around them. Especially when they're traveling with a mom. I didn't see the mom, but the guy high-tailing it down the trail with his dog towards me said that the mom lowered her head at him like she was going to charge. Yow.

I've run into this pair before. A couple years ago, they were hanging out on the other side of Hatch Road, below the Pines development.

I make a point of giving them lots of room.
The context-less track.

To see exactly where the mooses were this morning, you can study the track to see where I had to double back twice.


Anonymous said...

I hope them moose obey the signs and pick up after themselves. That's what those bags are for, Bullwinkle.

Patrick Sullivan said...

ムースだ!(moose da).