Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rad bike

Maddie is getting the hang of it.


Andy D. said...

That's the steely gaze of a true off-roader. I predict a summer in the dirt.

Coincidentally, I have an old steel Kona Hahanna that looks exactly like this frame and appears to be the same size, but in blue and more scratched up. It's really light and I like that the down tube and the top tube are both 1" diameter tubing.

I've been hanging on to the Kona for my daughter for the same purposes that it looks like you've got going. But right now, at 6 years old and 46" tall, even this tiny bike is huge for her. To give me some sort of idea as to an approximately appropriate height, would you mind telling me how tall your daughter is? If it looks like I'm years off, I may have to let the Kona go.

John Speare said...

That Kona sounds pretty sweet. I'd hang onto it if I were you. Small, light, rigid steel mountain bikes are not the dime o' dozen they used to be -- especially with standard diameter tubing.

Anyway. Maddie is just 9 years old and about 4'4", So just 6" taller than your daughter.

Andy D. said...

Sometimes, in moments of weakness I have the silly belief that I have too many bikes. It's good to have a fellow bike appreciator (eh, hoarder?) to return me to reason. I agree with you; I'm a miser with steel.

Thanks for Maddie's dimensions. A few years and half a foot is an attainable goal for Stella. I can't wait.