Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dirtying my hands

A while back, I mentioned my relationship with Elephant Bikes. I do stuff for Glen. In trade, he does stuff. One of the stuffs he does is fix my bikes. Which is sweet.

Every now and then though, I have to do my own maintenance. Like tonight. Oh the horror.

I've pretty much been mostly on the Legolas for the last couple months. I've lubed the chain a couple times, but I've not done anything else.

So after riding through a bit of snow and ice and rain and then some mud a couple weeks later, I wasn't that surprised to find that shifting into the smaller cogs is rather sluggish.

Tonight, I blew out the housing at the rear derailleur, piped some T9 in there, and cleaned off the crusted mud along the length of the shift cable. There was a lot of mud caked on, in, and around the cable and surrounding crevices.

Given the warmish weather, I just might hose the bike down after tomorrow's ride.

Wow. Cleary, the well o' blog content is frighteningly low. I just posted about lubing a cable housing. Sorry about that. But all I want to blog about is heart rate stuff, and I find that sort of freakish. So I'm resisting that urge. For now.


glen said...

Note to readers; Elephant Cycles does not claim any responsibility for the derailuer cable not being in the guide slot under the bottom bracket.

rory said...

jphn's just using this as an oppurtunity to show off the lugs of his new bike.

John Speare said...

Glen: fixed.

Rory: true dat. The guy that wanted the original photos may be getting a custom from Riv based on this... but he want's specfic lugs.