Friday, May 4, 2012

Past bikes: Bike #3

Bike #3, I'm pretty sure was my unicycle. I don't remember where I got it. But I rode it for about a year.

I could get around fine on it, but I never got to the point where I could jump curbs or do tricky stuff, or even consider some of the mountain bike unicycling the youngin's are doing today.

At this point, I was riding my BMX everywhere: to school, to friends' houses. My parents worked and they never drove me anywhere, so the BMX was a great thing.

Liza hauled my arse up the vertical route from downtown again today.
I don't care much for that route.
I also enjoyed skateboarding down big hills. My neighbors had a restless dog, of the type, vizsla, who was all muscle and couldn't run enough. He loved to pull me on the skateboard. He made that funny hacky sound until we upgraded his collar to one of those harness deals. That worked well. Until I couldn't avoid a squished pine cone in the road. That was not a nose-impact event, but it was some good skin loss on my right arm and shoulder, and one of my calves. Verily.

My unicycle was ripped off. Who steals a unicycle?


Patrick Sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

Who steals a unicycle?

A unitard.

Eunice Eikel said...

Sorry, didn't realize you wanted it back! My tightrope attempt went a bit awry.

But, I still have the training wheels, if you want them back.