Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saved by Greg Graffin again

Before religion

I reviewed these pants over a year ago. I dig em. But they blew out, even with butt-bone patch reinforcements. But they're so comfortable. The more I wear them, the more they loosen up, but the more the butt wears out.

Long ago, my Liza and Maddie forbade me from wearing these pants in public. Which is a shame.

So I had to break out the big guns patch to cover this spread.

There's a guy down the block who has an ancient VW van. About once a month, he's got the front end laid out over his driveway, or the engine pulled out of the back and sitting on a cart as he wrenches away on it. The van is just beyond the beyond, but I'm thinking that the guy is so invested in it, he just can't let it go. It's a matter of pride now: how long can he keep that thing on the road? And unlike my pants, his van is a daily driver.

It's a similar situation with these pants now. It's true love and now a matter of pride.


Grateful Ted said...

When you find you've laid out your front end, it's time for a new pair of pants.

The VW analogy will buy you only so much sympathy with your wife, or SpoPo.

"But officer, this microbus is air-cooled!"

Anonymous said...

Maybe a certain Redmond-based multinational computer corporation makes patches with their logo.

Would make an interesting codpiece.

Noah Sutherland said...

I think I have some patches stashed somewhere. Do you just stitch around the edge or try to go through the middle to connect the loose bits?