Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ebey part 2

Awesome time. Picture post with a few notes will have to suffice for the story.
Jon found this beauty. We couldn't identify it. But looking at Liza's book is it an amanita citrina? or the deadly amanita phalloides?

Jon's wood fired stove. Works great. The cylinder is an Ikea silverware storing thing. It had holes in it. Jon chopped a feeder hole in it. He figured out later that getting the bottom off the ground a bit helps dramatically with air flow and infernoness.

Lee, Alex, my old bike, Fred. Alex brought a fairly complete shop set up, which came in fairly handy.

I traded my Salsa frame for this Kona frame. I wanted it for its longer top tube. I have a shorter stem that's going on it. I dig it. Alex bought a high zoot used Titanium Seven with S&S and a Rohloff for a steal.

Alex filing. Andre being a bench vise. Jon prepping a buffalo chicken wrap.

This is the Go Lite set up I've been using. I'll do a full review here or in OTM soon. Spoiler alert: it's a tad fussy to string up, but it's good and it's light and packs up tiny. My favorite shelter so far.

That small bike there belongs to a small woman named Sarah. The bike was built for 26" wheels, but Larry put 24"s and 150mm cranks on it. Smart.

Alex bombing Brave Heart.


Your basic Ebey environs. I had such a great time riding this year. Last year I was lame with bronchitis and felt like a looser. This year I felt like a winner!



The Eberlizer.


Over the shoulder shot.

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Jonathan Eberly said...

Aminita citrina arent common in the area, they are more an east coast thing. Definitely not A. phalloides. Those are greenish with a striate cap margin. After consulting my books, my first suspicion of Shaggy parasol is still the best bet.

Thanks for a great, memorable trip. It was great riding and conversation all around.