Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weds night mountain bike race report

Damn! This race stuff is just frustrating. Tonight, I had the best race so far this year. I had only made one dumb move and I had kept on the wheel of a fast woman for the whole second lap. The race ends in a long flat/mild descent, which is perfect for big ass turds like me: I can hammer that shit out. And that was my plan: not to pass the woman who I paced, but to make sure I wasn't passed. The closest guy was about 5-10 seconds out and he was the same guy I went back and forth with last week.

Then I flatted. *#)(&^$#! It was a pinch flat from running too low and being lazy with my line.

So I ran it in and watched in frustrated angst as a bunch of people passed me. Here's the stack rank. Had I not flatted, I would've been 26th. But instead, I was 40th. Errrrg. Coulda woulda shoulda.

Here's the Garmin track: at 42:10 I flatted. My speed went from 21 mph to 6 mph for the last 1/2 mile. And I'm a suck runner.

Why oh why why? do I care so much? I wish I didn't, but I do. Oh the frustration is hard to verbalize.

So next week is my week: no mechanicals, no dumb moves. Watch out Cat 4 Master dudes! I'm coming after you!

The good side of the night (aside from winning a pound of coffee and quaffing a few beers) was stopping at the Dwight Merkel BMX park on the way home. I got a ride from Glen and so he was in control. Suits me: I took a couple laps on a borrowed bike and of course dug it.

So that's the new Weds night thing: after mountain bike racing and beers, we're going to do hot laps at the BMX track. Can life get any better?

I forgot my phone so no pics. Sorry.

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Noah Sutherland said...

Why didn't you just cruise in on the flat? The pros do it all the time.