Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weds night race

We did the 24 hour loop tonight. It was hard. The numbers:
I learned about race signage. There was a place on the race where a sign with 3 arrows pointed one way and a sign with 1 arrow pointed another. I didn't know what it meant so I followed the guy in front of me. As it turns out the 3 arrows is the fast, more technical, way down the hill. The 1 arrow was the slow, windy way down the hill. The guy I followed took the 1-arrow-way. Damn.

About 5 people that I painfully and laboriously passed blew down the fast way. I was only able to catch 3 of them. I found that rather frustrating, but maybe the 1 arrow guy save my bacon by leading me down the slow way.

The new-to-me bike needs a bit of work -- especially on the front shifting and maybe some bar/reach stuff. But generally, it's good.

Stack rank.

This year, the Weds Night Mountain Bike series also includes a run. Liza ran her second race tonight. She's determined not to treat it as a race, but she is clearly having a good time. The course for the runners was not marked as well. They got lost. Here's Liza's stack ranking.

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Patrick Sullivan said...

127 racers! That's a super turnout.