Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Commuting home on the HD trails

It's been a few months since I could reliably take the long way home via the High Drive trails.

So lovely. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world when I get to take the long way home on the trails. Simple pleasures, man!

Riding the old RB-T is a great way to bring in the trail-commute season. There's this one hard switchback from the middle trail up to the top trail that I can only pull off on the RBT.

Very satisfying. So of course, that's the route I pick (instead of Glen's Waterfall) to get from the middle trail to the upper trail.

For the super attentive: it's not the same as this route, which is also a mid-to-upper route.

The RB-T is running 32 mm Pasalas at the moment, which rule, but I want a tiny bit more tread without giving up too much cush and speed on the road. So, in my never-ending quest for the perfect and appropriately ultra-expensive tire, I scored a set of the Challenge Grifo XS.

Yes. They're white. Of course.


Anonymous said...

White tires? I prefer my tires black, like my...coffee. Dig?

Why not just shell out for sun-bleached linen tires woven with gold thread?

John Speare said...

>>sun-bleached linen tires woven with gold thread

who makes those? I bet they're supple as shite.

Anonymous said...

Asian sweatshops make them, like everything else.

Costco sells them in packs of 500.

Though, I may be mistaken.