Saturday, March 26, 2011

Early season Temple Road: the wrap up

Pick a line!
I like the Temple Road loop. (Bikely route). I ride it at least once a year. Here are a few write-ups from the past:

We rode it a bit earlier last year, but it must have been a milder year, because this year, we pushed our bikes through snow for about a mile.

We fell a lot too. But it was slow speed stuff. The worse part was my cold toes. Damn sandals!

Bill was on his new Elephant, shod with 35mm Pasalas and digging that set up.

The Verita
This was a good trip to test the Verita rain jacket. (Full disclosure: This is a sample jacket from REI.) The temperature ranged from low 40's to maybe 50. We had sprinkly rain, solid (though not "driving") rain, snow, and even a tiny bit of sun. We rode moderately and did some climbing. As a breather, I'm impressed with this jacket. I wore one layer of medium wool under the jacket and I was happy all day. During some climbs, I unzipped a bit to let some air in.
And most fortunately, I even wrecked -- with a tumble -- while wearing it. I muddied it up, but no rips.

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