Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's that time of year

That's right... I may be pushing it a bit, but today, I broke out the sandals. With socks of course.
The Season of Nerdom has begun.

Yea. Verily.

And of course the (socks with) sandal season coincides with the apres le diner ice cream run. Since The Scoop is on a slightly different schedule -- I think they start "summer" hours at the end of the school year -- we're forced to BR for now.


Anonymous said...

As long as your socks match your tires, it's OK.

Jonathan Eberly said...

I'm digging the whole sandal-bike thing. Most of the time during the summer I wear home made huaraches but while riding a bike want a little bit more protection than the 1/4" of baler belt and paracord can provide. Since I ride with big old honking bmx platforms, I was thinking the Keen Newports would be a good idea. Any experience with them? Are they suitable for caveman feet? (imagine a rectangular block with toes)

Rachel said...

I have a pair of Women's Keen Sandals. I'm not sure of their exact model, but they take SPD cleats.
Boy are they narrow!
As for the shape of the toes, they definitely favor round toes, but that front area is so stiff you could probably just buy them a size too big.
REI sells them. It might be worth your time to go down there and try stuff on before ordering something online.

(BTW John, the mobile site comment page officially fails. I typed up my comment and pressed post, and then it took me to the non-mobile comment page, with a blank form. Luckily I was able to hit back, copy my comment, hit forward, and post it.)