Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tired and lame: Hang is at Jone's Radiator tomorrow. 8pm

I looked up "walking pneumonia" on wikipedia. I don't have a fever or chest pain or difficulty breathing. I'm not coughing.


I wish I had something to blame my lazy tired turd-like sluggishness on.

The only time I feel "strong" is after a few beers. Riding up the south hill after a Monday night hang at Jone's Radiator is consistently the best ride of the week.

Is that a problem?



Sean said...

Sounds like desert fever. I had that for a good 6 months about 5 years ago. Of course you don't live in Phoenix or anywhere near the fungus that causes it...

Anonymous said...

If not the walking pneumonia, perhaps the boogie-woogie flu?

Wikipedia sure ruined a lot of pop lyrics. "I got a man named wiki-feelgood" doesn't have the same power.

Maybe you're having post-music withdrawal? Here's some badass steam punk to perk up your earholes...(nothing to see, just hear)...

The future soundtrack of the next women's cyclocross championships, fersure.

Vik said...

Beer is a killer sports carb wonder that's your best ride of the week. Clearly more pints are in order!