Friday, March 18, 2011

MC spring recon

Bill and rode half the Midnight Century route today. It was the hard, first half. Lots of climbing.

With the exception of a small chunk of summer road off of Bruna, the roads are in way better shape now than they are in the summer. The dirt roads are packed and not too dusty and very little deep gravel.

My view whenever I'm climbing with Bill.
But the paved descents have a lot of gravel on them. So there's the trade off.
Bill's new Elephant. Build-up finished while we were on our ride today.

My new-to-me mountain bike.
 It still needs some brake tweaking before it's ready to roll.
Hopefully I'll get that squared away this weekend.
More to come.


Stine said...

Ala Carte? Ooohh...

alex wetmore said...

Sweet looking MTB John. Where did it come from?

It'd be tempting to drive over for a CDA weekend this year with both a mountain bike and Gifford. One day of long distance dirt roads, one day of short distance single track.

Pax said...

Nice new ride! But get that bar end plugged. I find its good to set a strict 'no core samples' policy from the get-go with all new bikes...

Geoff said...

Bill's new bike is sweet and looks fast. I do not expect it will improve your (or my) view when climbing hills with him.