Thursday, March 17, 2011


Since I've got nothing to carry on about... (I do, but I'm holding back some rants)

Here are a couple bikey events:

1. Bike Commuting 101 at Sun People Dry Goods
March 26th (Sat) 10-noon

If you read this blog, you may or may not benefit from this event. But if you know someone that is uneasy with urban cycling, or wants to jump in the fray, they will probably benefit. So pass it along.

The class will be a handful of people giving quick (about 10 minutes) presentations on various aspects of bike commuting. Paul Turner, former walker turned cyclist, will chat about his conversion. Eileen Hyatt will discuss how to approach cycling in traffic. I'll talk about routes and working your way around the city. Barb Chamberlain will talk about being a normal person who cycles (as opposed to a bike nerd -- who is expected to ride a bike). Then some P2P'ers will be there to show you how to take basic care of your bike.

All the proceeds go to P2P.

Sign up at Brown Paper Tickets. Or call 509-368-9378

2. Trail building at Beacon Hill
April 23, 10 AM at Camp Sekani parking lot

Build trails with the pros. Then eat free BBQ afterwards. If you ride those trails (or any local trails) consider it your yearly tax.

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