Sunday, March 13, 2011

For the record...

Liza *digs* her new bike.

This was not a given. She didn't want a new bike and she didn't really approve of me pushing the XO-1 project along.

But she's spent a bit of time on the bike now that the weather is clearing up and tonight, she fessed up to loving and it looking forward to riding it some more. "It's fast... and everything works well."


Ideally, I'd have a picture of her happily riding her bike.

Unfortunately, I only took one bikey picture this weekend.

From this morning's SOS ride:

Yep. Fresh dogshit messing with my bling. Sweet.



Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why did a dog shit on your bike?

Guy One, and Guy Two said...

Dog had good aim to hit a moving target. Supreme control, too.

Anonymous said...

John, can you please explain what went into building your wife's new bike? I got the sense from past posts (esp the one that offered a sneak preview) that this was something special, cobbled together from different sources or bike frames. Just curious.

John Speare said...

Hey Greg,

check out this post. It explains the frame history and some of the bits that are on the bike. If it doesn't answer your questions, let me know ... I can go on for days.