Monday, November 12, 2007


It's been a year since I started this blog. My first post on Nov 10th, 2006 is here. I've nothing deep and philosophical to say about this fact.

Check out the bike above. That bike belongs to my buddy Patrick. As far as I know, that is his first set of coroplast fenders. Nicely done. Great coverage.
You can tell a lot about a guy's patience threshold, general sense of aesthetics, and of course how he votes, by studying his coroplast fenders.

Richard Rush just sent an email asking for his campaign signs back. Sorry Richard. There are not many green/white campaign signs. I'll be hording mine for just the right bike. And I'll probably grab my neighbor's too.

The Oregon bike builders show was this weekend. My buddy Alex went. He's sure to post a blog on it. But I see he's uploaded his pics here.

click to go to James' site for more pics

Finally, in the "yet another person designing what they want and just getting it built themselves
department," here is James Black's "cargo truck" bike. It's got twenty inch wheels, removable/convertible racks. The idea is that you could have a child seat or a bigger rack with universal fittings that you can slide onto the main "mast." Dig the NuVinci hub. I like how small the bike is and I like his idea of providing two dropouts on the front fork to adjust trail for the load. According to this thread, he says that changing trail does not require a brake adjustment. Smart stuff.
The same fork concept was used on some random and rare GT bikes in the early 90's. It's a great idea. A friend of mine has one of these GT bikes. I think I want to get a hold of it so it doesn't disappear.


EvilElf said...

Fantastic! John, Congrats on your anniversary.

I really like the idea of using the old campaign signs. They are almost indestructible. Al French has been catching oil dripping out of the Geo for months now.

90% of my traveling around town is via bicycle. However, I either walk or drive when picking up a pizza! I haven't figured out a good way to strap one down to the bike. But this campaign sign thing has me thinking about building a box to carry pizzas home.

Your blog is great John and I always enjoy visiting it! Cheers!

Bob G said...

Congrats John - your blog is great! thanks for helping Spokane become more bike and eco-friendly. I really dug your article in this month's Out There. Your last point about cars was well timed and well drivers assume "stopping" is being courteous (something for which Spokanites are notorious). In some ways, until everyone climbs on and rides, we don't realize the hazards that are created.
Keep up your great work!