Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Aught Eight

Damn it's cold. 19F.

I have about 2 hours before I need to fire up the grill for the turkey.

I think I'll take a quick spin on the High Drive Trails.

But first, some stuff:
  • Brad Stark has introduced a resolution to provide monies for bike facilities in the 08 budget. The blurb in the "The Voice" in SR today was wrong on the details. Specifically: routes/designs have not been settled. More on that next week.

  • There is a ride this Sat night. Liza and I are going. Any ride that starts at the Pear Tree can't be bad. Ride details here.

  • I have repo'd a loaner for life and feel a bit bad. I'm taking back my other RB-T to make it an offroad/cyclocross tough-guy bike. Therefore, I need to find another all-roundery-type bike for my buddy. I have a feeling that I'll find something between now and next spring.

  • I ordered two sets of forks from Jeff Lyons. The first set will transform my 720 into a low-trail fixed gear beauty. I'll use the second set of forks to do a Wetmorian conversion on the tough-guy RB-T. Both forks are Kogswell forks. Jeff will add canti studs and will rake them out to 65mm. I also asked him to add some barrel braze-ons in case I want to rack them at some point.

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