Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Rainy Ride

Joe and I went on a wonderful ride today. I figured out a cool thing: If you have 4 hours for a ride, take a 2 hour loop and make it a 4 hour ride. This is what we did today and it was great.

"Summer Only" road. We love these. The first half of the ride was one of my favorite local rides. Instead of looping back on Gardner, we found Cedar (via Sherman and Gibb) and came down the wonderful descent into the Latah commercial area.

Yes. These are real. The guy also has camels. This is on Cedar Road.

Great apples. We had to cut around the worms/worm holes, but they were perfect apples and likely not sprayed.

We stopped at Latah Bistro and had a great bowl of soup and a beer before heading up the hill.

From Latah, we came through Vinegar Flats, then up the bluff trails on the way home. Made for a good workout. I was feeling that beer.

With still a half hour until we had to be home, we opted for the final cup of coffee. Nash makes a great americano.

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