Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ye Ol Workbike

I spied this 'merican made beauty in the passage way between Madeline's and the Pita Pit downtown. Turns out it belongs to the Pita Pit. Pita Pit delivers, but according to the woman at Madeline's, the Pita Pit person is "rethinking the bike delivery" bit.

I'd say if anyone was in the market, this bike may come cheap -- at least save shipping if you've been thinking of ordering one.

This bike is great for downtown. But since it's a single gear, any dreams of it going up and down the south hill are out -- as long as I'm the guy riding it.

However, a certain ice cream shop on the south hill is co-owned by a certain couple who happen to live in West Central, which happens to be a flat ride into downtown, where folks -- I'm sure --would love to buy locally made ice cream from a guy-or-a-gal-on-a-bike.

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