Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cyclocross is Happening Now

Last year I went to the local cyclocross races for the first time. The last road race I remember seeing was when the Olympic Time Trials went a block away from my house back in 1984(?). They zipped past in a flash on the climb up to Highdrive. Until I saw cyclocross last year, that 20 second glimpse of bike racing I witnessed as a child was the extent of my time as a spectator to any kind of cycling competition.

Cyclocross is great as a spectator. The course is small and you can walk around in the course while the riders are grinding by. And of course it's more fun because the racers are riding on trails, grass, dirt and running up steep hills while shouldering their bikes. Watching a good cyclocross racer navigate hard spots is fun too. It takes skill to maneuver what is basically a fat-tired road bike across a challenging course.

Kids like it too. Spectators beat on cow bells. We borrowed a cow bell for this year, so that will keep Maddie occupied for a bit longer.

Anyway, the 2007 Inland Northwest Cyclocross Series event calendar is here. It's nearly over and we've not yet gone this year. There is one tomorrow at Riverside State Park - 7 mile. Another at Farragut State park next Sunday, and the finals are at Highbridge Park on Sun, Nov 18th. Races start at noon and they are free. It's a great family outing.

We plan on picnicking and hanging out at the Highbridge race for sure. I'm not sure if we'll get our act together to get out to 7-mile tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

CX racing is a blast, and it seems like it’s catching on with the local racers. This year’s races in the Inland NW Cross Series have had over 80 participants, spread over 5 or 6 categories. Fun to race, and fun to watch.