Monday, November 5, 2007

Hauling to P2P

Tonight was Pedals2People garage night. I was feeling pretty good about my load: one bike stand, one half-rack of beer, and a big box of lights from the BAW Get Lit program. I only have to go a couple miles with my load to get to the garage. And it's basically flat.

After we'd been at the garage for a hour or so doing work, Patrick pulls up with a real load: a basket full of crap and two bikes stuffed in a Burely Trailer. He humped this stuff up the south hill -- from West Central to 42nd and Grand. I had to tell him to smile though when I took this photo.

1 comment:

13-b122 said...

Dude, with load carrying ability like that I might have to turn to you for big deliveries like engine mounts or something.