Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alex Visit

Alex visited over the last day and half. We had a good time.

We went on a S24O on Thursday night. Alex photo'd and blogged the Badger Lake run on his site. We had perfect weather. It was nice to wake up and be able to pack up without freezing. I think the low was in the high 40's. Very nice.

Alex suggested trying a different way back, so Friday morning we discovered a new chunk of a road that I'd not taken before, which turned out to be a winner. If I make the Badger run again this year, I'll take it again. It's neat because it's basically a deprecated road that cuts through some old forest and meadow. Much of the road had grass as tall as our wheels.

Me wrapping bar tape on the newly adjusted bars. Click pic for more Alex pics

When we got back on Friday morning, we replaced the stem on my 520 Porteur build that I've been fussing with. The bars are now much lower and don't force you to sit so upright. It's much better, but I think I may still end up finding a new bar.

We had a BBQ with friends at my house and then took a ride. Alex hauled much of the beer on the porteur, while Jon hauled some in a bucket pannier, and I hauled a tiny cooler on my bike.

This morning we rode Maddie's Bike Friday Family tandem downtown to decorate bikes for the Out Spokane Pride Parade.

Between Alex, his crud, my crud, and me, we had about 400 pounds on the tandem, so it handled a bit differently than it does with Maddie on the back. I wish we had a picture of us on the bike. My dad took a shot. Maybe he'll send it so I can post it here.

Alex and I sort of felt like circus clowns on that bike, but it was fun to get a taste of tandem riding with an adult. Alex demonstrated how by leaning in the back he could really influence the direction of the bike. I also learned that I should adjust the front brake. Stopping at the light at Monroe and 3rd after the fast descent was a bit to squishy for my liking.

As the P2P'ers lined up for the parade, Alex had to get to the airport, so he taxi'd out. I've been wanting Alex to come and hang out in Spokane for a while so it was good to finally get him here.

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