Tuesday, June 3, 2008


That crappy-ass picture is all I have to show for Prom Night. Nicely done.
It was a great success. The highlight for me was the ride from the Swamp to the Baby Bar. It was around 40 cyclists, all decked out and smiling. We rode through Elk Fest and into down town. We obeyed the traffic laws and kept to a single lane downtown and generally were good citizens. As such, we were honked at. But not "get off the road and outta my way" honks, but happy honks, with waves and smiles and hoots and hollars.
This is what critical mass could look like in Spokane. The key ingredient: happy cyclists that mostly follow the rules. A couple beers to lube helps too.
Anyway, great ride Jeff. Jeff pics here and Jacque pics here. Hopefully, we picked up a few converts for the FBC rides. Next Full Moon Fiasco is June 18th.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Klay said...

looks like ahellofatime!

We did the same thing from elk fest at about 12:30am on Friday - we even ran into bike police who didn't even blink when 12 cyclists pulled up to a stop light on Sprague.

bleckb said...

Looks like I missed a fun time. I can't imagine biking in formal wear, but what the heck, there's a lot of things I can't imagine. At least the black pants would hide chain lube gone awry.