Monday, June 30, 2008

Speaking of Flats

My brother-in-law is in town for a week. He brought his bike, which he's just starting to kind of ride more. He got a flat today on his way up the south hill. He had all the stuff to change his flat, but had never changed a flat on a bike before.

Some other cyclist stopped and helped him out. Cool. If the anonymous cyclist is reading this: thanks for being a cool cyclist.

I always try to stop and make sure broke down cyclists have what they need. I'm pretty good at it, but I'm going to be better, because my BIL, who is quiet and probably didn't go on and on with thanks, was really thankful. It's a nice way to bring new cyclists into the fold as well.


If you want to know what Spokane would do with $50 million dollars for a transportation mode shift to include more cycling/walking, read the SmartRoutes plan. This plan was just released today and will go off to the US DOT for the 2010 Transportation funding cycle.

A bunch of people threw in on this plan to pull it together in the last couple months. The main driver was Eve Nelson at SRTC. It was a herculean effort to make this happen. Nice job Eve.

Italian dude with his folder. Liza took this picture a couple years ago.
She asked him if he would mind if she tooka shot of his bike.
He said he didn't care, then he struck this pose.

Great Divide Update

Mr. Blaine is hanging in there; he's about in the upper middle of the pack. Sounds like stomach issues are plaguing him. The number 2 rider dropped out today as did another rider. From the GDR update page, it sounds like this is where things go from miserable to gruelling.


Not said...

I see that the SmartRoutes proposal includes a streetcar component. I hope that it's less dangerous to bicyclists than the South Lake Union Trolley in Seattle.

Rachel said...

Kudos to Eve as well.

My last trip to Seattle, I took a look at the street car rails at the S. end of Lake Union and I wasn't sure why they were such a problem. I better check out what folks are saying there to see.

Rachel said...

Whoops. I'm not Rachel. I guess I'm logged in as my wife. It's Bradley here.

Anonymous said...

Snap. I just read the David Blaine is out of the GDR. His stomach bug really took a toll on him.