Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Loren and David

That's Loren. I've known Loren for over 20 years. Nice guy - a kind and gentle soul. I caught him today just as he finished riding his bike up Monroe. The steep part of Monroe. The crazy steep hard part. With a full team's worth of baseball crud slung over his back. Strong guy, that Loren.

Here's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: it's Huckleberry's! There's a rainbow there. Damn phone camera.

New links at the top right. Mr. Blaine is heading for Montana on Monday. A week from tomorrow, the Great Divide Race begins. Check out the SPOT link. David can push out regular notifications of where he's at on the course. Pretty cool.

I'll attempt semi-regular updates of David's progress here.

Good luck to you sir.

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Anonymous said...

That's prett cool that David has one of those Spot trackers so we can directly follow his progress. I just found out about them a few days ago and they seem like a definite no brainer for back country adventurers, GDR participants and other travelers through areas with no communications infrastructure.