Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Westside Rain Ride - more praise for the dorky rainlegs

I'm on the west side for work. Here's more crummy phone-camera pics. It's difficult to see how hard it's raining in the picture above. Take my word for it. Serious big drop rain in sheets/buckets/whatever. I took a great ride in that last night for about an hour.

This picture is supposed to show me, drenched. Or seemingly drenched. I love these dorky rainlegs. Love them. When you ride for an hour in a down pour you will be wet no matter what you are wearing. I was a bit wet but comfortable -- thanks to the rainlegs and the light O2 jacket, which did leak in the arms after a while.

This picture shows the dry spots where the rainlegs were. My shirt is super light-weight so it didn't bog me down, but it was damp -- not too wet, and mostly from perspiration.
What's amazing to me about this rain set up is that between the rainlegs and the O2 jacket, the overall bulk/weight is just tiny. And both pieces are the perfect design: they are just enough to provide the right amount of coverage. Thanks for the tips on these Kent.

Clearly the region below the knees does get wet. But when it's 60F out, wet is fine. Note that I'm back to the Shimano sandals. I wish Shimano still made the two-strap version of its sandal. Btw: the Keens gave up the ghost (after about 5 months). My last review of the Keen Commuter sandal is here. I have the replacement pair, but they're still in the box. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.

Final bit of good news. Alex gave me one of his old racks for my RB-T. I'm a made man.

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