Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Reason To Go to an Indians Game

Yes, that's a Ute hiding in the shadows

I am not a sports guy. Seriously, I could care less who wins any basketball, football, or baseball game. I don't really care who wins the Tour either. When my buddy Taylor was racing the other day, I really wanted him to win, but frankly, the fascination with major league sports in this country weirds me out.

All that said: I LOVE going to Spokane Indian's baseball games. It's a great family summer time thing. The games are high scoring, the beer is cheap, and all the seats are great, especially the cheap-o ones on the 1st base outfield side.

In addition, the club has a sweet new (secondary) logo, with Salish words in it. That's just cool.

Now the ball park has a new bike rack. The rack was made with the recycled hunks of steel tubing that resulted from the remodel during the off season. And the rack is a good design.
Go to a game. Here's the schedule.

Full disclosure: I got a free Indians coffee cup for my ad-hoc-bike-rack-consulting service. So I guess that officially makes me a shill. I was determined not to take anything in return for going out there and agreeing that the place they had picked for the rack was a good place. But -- the mug, with the Salish language logo on it -- was more than I could say no to.


EvilElf said...

Very cool. Like you, I really don't get into too many professional sport events. Riding out to an Indians game sounds like fun, however!

About baseball, isn't it kind of strange that they have to do all the in between innings entertainment to keep people interested? I think that says a lot.

Anonymous said...

Good call on the rack. We rode to an Indians game last summer. When we asked where the bike racks were, they explained that there were none. On the plus side, they did let us park our bikes behind the information booth.

bleckb said...

We should plan a "bike to the ball park" night, see how many bikes we can get on that rack. Show up en force and make an impression, a good impression, on others heading to the game.