Sunday, August 22, 2010

Badger Lake run

Taylor finished about 1/2 pack of smokes while waiting for us

Maybe the last over nighter to Badger. Certainly the last with a big crew. Cops came and ousted us. But we got our swim in! So we backed out a bit into the bush and camped in the dirt.

I'm so grateful for my friends. This was 20 hours of joy. Thanks guys.

I bunny hopped that tree. Beth had to portage.

Patrick, John, and Glen maneuver the obstacle. By the way, the sign says no trespassing. That's actually a public (albeit deprecated) road that someone has decided to block.

The peleton rounds the tight corner on Dover Road.

John and Mike.

Taylor. Light packer, but he did forget his ascot. Oh yeah, and a blanket or sleeping bag. And his pants are soaked. This photo was taken before the longest night of his life.


Taylor did this ride on 25mm tires. No issues what so ever. Don't try this.

Obligatory post-ride group photo. I think Glen is smiling there.


Pat S said...

A few obvious conclusions:
Taylor would be a really strong rider if he'd just put down the smokes.
Patrick's fence climbing skills could put a monkey to shame. Glen looks happier than I've ever seen him. Wade is unbelievably focused and totally in his element. Mike is not letting the frenzy of this bike camping thing phase him. John is very strong. Beth is very strong. I missed a great overnighter :-(

Anonymous said...

Happier than when he got Johns bike done?

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to make an all-Taylor blog site.