Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanksgiving ride?

I was thinking yesterday that we (the royal we) should have a morning ride on Thanksgiving day.
It would be a trail ride. Start at The Scoop, drop down the trails into the NW Passage. Into Palisades, across Rimrock, down to the archery range, to SFCC river trail and mega-church cemetery river trail, by peoples park, over the bridge by Sandifur to latch creek trail up to Inland Empire Way to 7th ave access. up the trails to 25th.
I think that might be about 25 miles of trail.
Leave Scoop at 7:30.

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Pat S said...


Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...


That's some serious planning ahead!

Dylan said...

If I'm in town (which I usually am for Thanksgiving) I'm totally down. Funny to think about rides in November when it's 95 and sunny out.

scoop employee said...

So aawesome that the Scoop is open on Thanksgiving day.

Barb Chamberlain said...

What about Black Friday instead? Work off the overdose from the day before & that way the T-Day cooks can participate too.