Thursday, August 19, 2010


The blogmeister has asked the guest bloggers to be more creative than to just post ride reports.

Well, since cyclists are a notoriously independent group and I, in particular, have something of a passive-aggressive streak, and the blogmeister is away I'm gonn'a risk it.

As I didn't have time to join the rest of the club curmudgeons on The Trail of the CdA's today, I went out and rode one of my winter favorites (as is exposed and tends to be clear of snow most of the time).


Paradise Road - Pedal, Pedal, Pe

Anderson Road - dal, Pe

Curtis Road - dal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pe

Cheney-Spangle Road - dal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, P

Stay on C-S - edal, Pedal, P

Stay on C-S - edal, Pedal, Ped (great outcropping of Pillow Basalt on your left) al, Pedal

Go here...

For this...

Highway 195 - Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, Pedal

Ta Da!

Critter Count

Road Kill Porcupine - 1 (fresh)
Wild Turkeys - 5 (free range, not in the bottle)
Red Tailed Hawk - 1
Cows - Some
Brown Tweety-Birds - Lots

Note: One pedal = One mile more-or-less, sort of, approximatelyish.


Not said...

Until I read the note, I was thinking maybe you should get something besides a fixed gear so you don't have to pedal all the time.
- Ventura

Hank Greer said...

Awesome narrative. I felt like I was there. :-)