Sunday, August 8, 2010

Midnight Century - preliminary results

Here's what I've learned so far.

In no order:

- Chad Nelson: 6:09; full sus mountain bike
- Alan Jacobs: 6:09; full sus mountain bike
- Tom McFadden: 6:09; hard tail, mnt bike
- Joe Thomsen: DNF - Liberty Lake; Novara Element CX bike
- Mike and Diane: DNF - Liberty Lake; Novara Randonee (both)
- Mystery Ben: DNF - Liberty Lake; mystery bike
- Glen Copus: DNF - State line; Elephant CX
- Pat Sprute: 9:15; Elephant fat-tired road bike
- Eric Erickson: 9:15; LHT
- Mystery Dan: DNF - Spangle; mystery bike
- Mystery Dennis: DNF - Spangle; mystery bike
- Jake McBurns: 7:40; Elephant CX
- Justin Becker: ?; 1983 Specialized Expedition
- Jason Gilman: 8:24; 90's UJB (Univega) Sport Tourer
- Mystery Man 1: 8:29; mystery bike
- Mystery Man 2: 8:29; mystery bike
- Mystery Man 3: 8:29; mystery bike
- Mystery Man 4: 8:29; mystery bike
- Mystery Man 5: 8:29; mystery bike

Mystery Man story from Jason Gilman:
"I made it back to People's Park at 8:24 this morning. There was a
group of about five guys (didn't catch their names) that came in about
5 minutes after me. They were faster than me, but kept taking breaks
after they passed me. I finally ended up in front of them for good
after they stopped for water on the Fish Lake Trail."

Sounds like a great ride. I was really sorry to miss this ride this year. I had an unavoidable obligation that turned out to be about as satisfying as riding 100 miles in the dark on dirt roads. So I'm not feeling as bad about missing it. And I was able to ride about 120 miles on Friday, so I didn't miss out on too much riding, though my 120 miles was super easy and leisurely and lovely.

Pat's great ride up is here.

If you have pictures or more info on riders (it would be great to fill in the mystery names and remaining times), or if your time/name is wrong, just comment here or send me an email. The goal is to get the results as close as we can for the results page.

The goal for 2011 is to standardize a route. Just to make sure we're starting and ending at the Elk -- and making sure we have a breakfast scenario at the end. That's been my favorite part in the past.


John Speare said...

Oops. I blew away Jason Gilman's comment on this -- but I have it in email -

Jason Gilman comments:
"Actually, I rode it on my Trek 7500 maxed out with 700x40c tires and it worked great- no mechanicals other than my bike computer sensor failing temporarily after experiencing the Marshal Road washboard.

For what it's worth, based on Pat's report and only six smileys taken- I'm pretty sure I was number six- I think the five mystery guys freelanced some parts of the route and missed the Dunn Rd gate."

yackrr said...

I was with the Mystery Man group for most of the ride. I hit the wall after the Spangle Creek climb, and finally convinced them to continue on without me when we hit dirt after Spangle. I did manage to finish; I hit the stop sign at the bottom of Peoples Park around 8:39, and arrived at the Elk at 8:49. Still don't know where the official finish is (or if there is one!). The mystery group (aka the North Division Bike Shop Crew) was composed Barry, Jayce, Greg, Jim, and Kevin. Barry was riding a full suspension mtb, the rest were on cyclocross bikes (some may have been road bikes with fatter tires). I was on a Scott Sub 10 (Alfine 8-spd) with 32mm slicks.
Our ride went fairly well, one rider had two flats, and even with the GPS we missed the Sands Rd. turn, and didn't figure it out until we were halfway up the other hill! We were pretty slow, but it was nice to have some daylight out in the Palouse. Just gorgeous up there.

yackrr said...

BTW, the mystery guys did not miss the Dunn Rd Gate, just somehow no-one noticed the smiley's :)

Jake said...

I rode my Single Speed. Just FYI. Jake

Anonymous said...

Mark K - Elephant road bike and Ron D - Redline Monocog DNF'ed at Saltese and Barker.
Amazing job by Tom, Alan, and Chad.

mechBgon said...

As for standardizing the route, we could just tack on The Elk as the start & finish point, bringing it closer to a round 100 miles in the process. Survey says...?

Jason Gilman said...

Making the Elk the official start and finish seems logical to me.

Thanks for filling in some blanks Joseph. I was starting to feel better again after you passed me right before the Spangle - Cheney Road so keeping you in visual range helped me get going again.

Pat S said...

Justin turned for home at the Palouse Hwy.

Forgot to mention that Eric rode this year on an older lugged steel Bianchi.

Anonymous said...

Found riding glasses on the route if anyone lost some send me an email with the description.