Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making Progress

Nice. The new bike lane on Howard now goes from Maxwell to Indiana.


John Speare said...

It will go to one block short of Buckeye.
South bound -- it will go to River Front Park, then continue south on Howard to 4th.
This is part of the Downtown Loop that's going in right now.
E/W on 4th AVE
W on Sp Falls Blvd to Riverside
N/S on Jefferson
I think they may put in a little piece on 1st too -- from Monroe to Lincoln

EvilElf said...

Very cool! I hope it makes some cyclists get off the sidewalk and onto the street!

Hank Greer said...

Be wary of that parking lot exit at North Central (pictured). Moving you closer to the curb makes you less visible to those people craning their necks back to see traffic. I had a close call yesterday.

Rachel said...

John, that's so exciting to hear about all of the extra bike lanes!
Hopefully more people get off the sidewalk, but also hopefully more drivers are more cooperative with cyclists on the roads.