Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rocking the Miyata

This is Maddie's next bike. Triple-butted steel. Funny looking Terry front wheel.
I got it on Craigslist a couple years ago.
It's just a tad too big for Maddie, but by next spring, she should be tall enough.
The unanticipated side-effect of Liza's test ride is a slight renewal of interest in a faster bike.
If only there existed a good production 26"-wheeled fast roadish bike.
I never should've sold the 52cm XO-1.ergh.
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zed said...

Have you forgotten about my bad ass 26" speed devil of a bike that will fit Maddie next year? She'll be xcross racin before you know it!!

John Speare said...

Steph: I did forget! How could I? I wonder if that would be a good Liza bike too?