Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full day of riding

Yesterday, Patrick and I hit Colville Nat'l Forest again. It was a good hearty ride. You can see the trip report at the RoughStuffNW blog.

I tried something new yesterday for food. Getting this ride done was a rush from planning to getting home. It would've been nice to have more time for all parts of this adventure. But, alas, sometimes you take what you can get and make a run for it. In that spirit, I grabbed food for the ride the night before at Huckleberries.

I tried this processed burrito turd. It did not rule. I like the idea: you buy a frozen block of food, throw it in your bag, and by the time you want to eat it, it's thawed (mostly) goodness: fat, salt, easy carbs, good livin. Next time I'll just try a cheese/bean one, the chicken here was nasty. I think there's potential here though. Maybe it would've been ok if I'd packed a microwave too.

I got back into town at 5pm last night -- just in time to peel off the stinky's, put a layer of pitstick on, and go out with Liza. We went to the Indian place on 3rd. Yum. Then we picked up 5 pizzas at Pizza Rita and delivered them to Browns Addition for her comrades.

Of course, I had to ride the freshly lit cargo bike. Five pizzas was a trivial load for the bike. Trivial, I tell you! By the time we dropped off the pizza, hung out, had a beer, went to another bar, had a drink, and it was time to go home: good lord the legs were done! It was long slog up the old south hill last night. Not trivial in the burning-legs-dept.

Liza's talking Fiascoween tonight. I'll be manning the homefront.

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Pat S said...

Great reports both here and over on Rough Stuff Cycling NW, John. I really like the looks of both the elevation profile and the road surfaces. As for the thawed-not-heated frozen burrito, umm, not so much. That's a pretty bold experiment.