Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Light mount finished

I finished my first project at The Pat Sprute Institute of Rackufacturing and Finishing School last night.

It works man! I could probably spend more time with the finishing bits to really make it pretty, but I'll powdercoat it, so hopefully that will finish it nicely.

(Gratuitous tree house shot).

Next up: a new rack for the Elephant. Main requirements:
- Internal wiring
- Lower the deck to tie it into the fender
- U-lock holder
- Optimized for Swift bag.
- Light and pretty.

This is Maddie. Approaching the finish line to come in 3rd at the All-City Elementary Cross Country Meet. That kid just kills me! She ran against all the other fast 2nd Grade girls in the city (about 75 kids!). Clearly, the ability to come in the first half of any race is something that comes from Liza's side of the family. Lucky kid.


Bill Foss said...

Congrats Maddie!

glen said...

That's the face of a focused athlete!

Hank Greer said...

She may be in third but she looks like she's in first. Way to go, Maddie!

Oh and the bike light rack thingy is cool, too.

Kaaren said...

Yay, Maddie!

Kaaren said...

Yay, Maddie!

Michael said...

Go Maddie!