Thursday, October 28, 2010


For the last several months, my pal Jamie has been riding this bike.

I'm pretty certain that it's a Carrera because of the 19 times it is so branded (top tube x2, down tube x4, seat tube x2, right chain stay x1, left seat stay x1, drop outs x2, seat post clamp x1, saddle clamp x1, headset nut x3, fork x2).

The two on each side of the down tube seem to be particularly redundant.

Is this a sign of Italian exuberance - "It's a Carrera and we're damned proud of it" or manufacturers insecurity - "We hope you notice that it's a Carrera"?

How many times is your ride branded?


Anonymous said...

Ironically, I don't think that carrera even was a manufacturer, I think they made pants.

Anonymous said...

Carrera is the Italian word for "Huffy."

Rachel said...

I think my Surly has it's brand in 6 places: each side of the fork, each side of the downtube, and each side of the chainstays. Oh, then there's the emblem on the headtube. A bit much for my tastes (I think the downtube logos are plenty), but not nearly comparable to this bike.

Rick @ Bicycle Fixation said...

My old and often repainted Bottecchia presently has no brand marks except a headbadge--from which the paint vanished long before I got it.

My "Pseudobecane" has NO brand marks at all, anywhere!

And I like 'em that way.

T.K. McGuinness said...

My Masi Speciale CX has the name "Masi" 26 times on the frame, stem and saddle...