Thursday, October 14, 2010

Swan Lake - Rattlesnake Loop

I wanted to get back into the forest before the deer hunting season started so on Tuesday afternoon I took off for Swan Lake in the Colville National Forest. I spent the night camping by the lake and spent the next morning on my bike. Here's the route and some pictures from the trip.

I heart leaves.

Dramatic Keller Ferry departure.

Sunset on Swan Lake.

Every ride should start like this.

Cool bike sign found on numerous trail markers.

Pretty mushroom.

Western larch on fire.

View of Snow Peak(left) and Sherman Peak(right) I think.

This is a beautiful area of the Colville National Forest that has something for everyone. Swan Lake has a great swimming beach, nice hiking trails and many great campsites on the water. I look forward to coming back here next summer with my family.


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Pat S said...

Pat Rick (if that is indeed your real name): We are certainly enjoying your new camera.

And I really dig the solo trip thing. Heading out with friends is superb, and then also heading out on your own is a totally different thing and also superb. Sweet report.