Friday, October 15, 2010

NW Passage

I took a lovely trail ride today. The trail part was about 20 miles and there was another 10 miles of road. Lots of work.

Pat started the ride with me. About 500 feet into the ride he miscalculated an off-camber junction between two trails and went down. He blew out his front tire and sheered off a thumb shifter. So I ended up doing the ride solo. Which is always nice too.

Check out this Jeep. My gut said take a picture and get out of there, so I didn't go investigate further. Sounds cheesy, but I felt watched. If that Jeep is there next time, I'll investigate.

This is the apple tree on the river trail below the mega-church. Click to see the little red/pink beauts. This trail is part of our Sunday morning ride, so we've been watching these apples all summer. They were a bit chalky a couple weeks ago, but they are good to go now and they're tasty, and mostly worm-free. I only took a few. There's a lot left. Good for eatin, saucing, or pie'ing.

This ride is the one I want to do on Thanksgiving weekend. I'm thinking Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm thinking to do the NW Passage route and tack on our Sunday morning route + Bowl and Pitcher. This would make it almost all single track out to BP, then roads back. A good hearty ride to work off the Thanksgiving gorge.

I met Liza at Taste for lunch. We saw this dude riding down the sidewalk on this ridiculous little machine at about 25 mph. As lame as that is, there's also something that kind of rules about that guy.

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Geoff said...

I am down for the black Friday Ride.