Monday, October 18, 2010

Recreational math

I want to ride this loop on Friday.

On Friday night, I have dinner and a ride planned with with Liza at 5pm. So I have to be home and in the shower by 4pm... to be safe.

The loop is 50 miles. About 38 of it is dirt/forest road. Planning for 6 hours of riding seems prudent.

Drive is 2 hours each way.

So, I need to leave my house no later than 6am Friday morning.



D. Scott McSpadden said...

Better start apologizing ahead of time!

RJ said...

Yeah, that's the way I think, too. :)

Although I have a bad habit of not ACTUALLY making it out of the house until 20 minutes after planned departure-- which ruins the whole plan and I have to abbreviate the ride.

That's my new resolution: start leaving the house on time! I keep missing too many adventures!