Thursday, February 3, 2011

Challenge Paris Roubaix vs Grand Bois Cerf

Totally unrigorous, unscientific, it's-worth-what-you-paid-for-it opinion: Cerfs are cushier.

I'm in serious hair-splitting territory here in a distinctly 1st World comparison.

Both are wonderful cushy fast tires for their mere 29 mm width, but alas, the Cerfs are cushier and are therfore worth the extra $2 premium at Compass Bicycles.

Both riden verily at 80 psi.

That's it.


Dylan said...

Dude, the Cerfs are awesome! They totally changed my opinion of what a "skinny" 700C tire could be! In fact, at one point, I said "these tires are now essential to my happiness as a cyclist".

I'm riding one (yes, just one...long story) today.

I'm putting a pair of Grand Bois Cypres (30-32mm) on my rando bike. I'll let you know what I think.

Unknown said...

Good timing--I just picked up a pair of Cerfs at Free Range for my new Heron. Guess I chose wisely!