Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First beer hang of the year

It was a hang in Glen's shop.

A new project was hatched. More to come as it materializes.

But all I can say now is, "Yay."


Oh yeah: and I enabled blogger's mobile template, so if you visit this site on a phone, the experience will be much more focused.

I'm luke warm on the template. I dig how the formatting is optimized for my Android, but I don't like how all the navigation stuff in the right-hand gutter goes away. I hope google improves the template over time.

That's a simulation of how Cycling Spokane
looks on a phone. For now.

If you are viewing this on a phone, and you're still seeing a mini-desktop-looking-page, then blogger/google is ignoring your browser for some reason (Opera mini on Android is ignored, which bugs me; of course the standard Android/google browser works well).

If you are running Opera-mini, or any other browser that google ignores, you can override the slight by saving this link for your phone access: http://cyclingspokane.blogspot.com/?m=1



Pat S said...

I'm not saying it has anything to do with the hatched plan, but I'm not sure about the greatness of trail riding on 20" wheels. But the last thing I would ever wanna do is stop you from trying. So I'm conflicted. And don't really know what I'm trying to say. I guess I just took this opportunity to document my thoughts.

Unknown said...

Another schism. First it was the niners splitting from the sixers.

Now it will be the oughters against them all.

Rachel said...

I like the mobile site. It's good for keeping up with the stream of content, which I think is mostly what you'd want on a mobile device. If for some reason you wanted to go to the side bar nav stuff, you could just click over at the bottom of the page to the full version.
Is there somewhere you can post a blurb to let visitors know there's more content available on the full version? (If that's not generally assumed these days by mobile users.)

Of course, the content column of the blog is thin enough that it always displayed just fine on my (i)phone if I zoomed right in on that column. Nevertheless, the mobile version is still pretty cool.

BTW, the "# comments" link sends you to the non-mobile page, but if you click the right arrow to expand the post, you can view and post comments on the mobile page that way. Not sure if there's some formatting on those links you can do to make it stay in mobile or not.

Ok, I'll stop QA'ing your blog and go back to QA'ing my software now. :-)

adventure! said...

Hey, out of curiosity, how did you set it up for the mobile device? I looked around my blogger dashboard, but nothing popped out at me.

John Speare said...

Three of the most respected bike people in my world (Pat, Alex, and Glen) have doubted the greatness of trail riding on 20" wheels.

Without sounding like a hedger: I'm thinking highdrive trails here. Not really rooty/mountain bikey stuff here. But soon, hopefully, we'll all get to give a shot.

Rachel: I agree about the overall usefulness of the template. It does the basic mobile thing you want: a good rendering of the latest blog entries.

As for making ANY changes to it -- I could probably get in the template html and hack it, but that's never pretty (see author photo rendering for example)... I'm hoping with time, the template will become more WYSIWYG-able for people like me.

Shawn: it's well-hidden at the mpoment. The funcationality has only be releases for about a month.

adventure! said...

John: thanks for the info. I switched it on and it looks decent for now. Now if google/blogger created an app for editing their blogs on an iPod Touch/Phone/etc...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of fat tires on the "Spokane Mini," but more for street cush, and to set it apart stylistically. Any trail riding would be bonus.